TV’s Evolution is No Cause for Concern

Nowadays, the question isn't so much, "what's on TV?" rather, the question is "what type of TV are you watching?" In the last 50 years, television has gone from a three-station, living room campfire to a portable, consumer-driven entertainment medium. Much like the...

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One-Off Ads: A Lover’s Quarrel

Simply put, a one-off is an advertisement outside of your annual campaign. Most companies use one-off advertising for special promotions, events, product launches, etc. For example, if I make pizzas and promote my pizzeria as a classic, Italian-style family...

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Why Internships in Marketing Matter

The thought of an internship conjures up an unfortunate stereotype - long hours, little to no pay, menial work and a general disregard for the intern's talents.  But it's important to note the image presented is, in fact, a stereotype. And like all stereotypes, this...

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5ives: Tricks to Cheaper Printing

When I was in college, we had a sales rep from a paper company visit our class to discuss printing. I don't think dentists see that many shades of white. In other words, my first exposure to the behind-the-scenes world of print was an intimidating one. But that was...

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