Why Internships in Marketing Matter

The thought of an internship conjures up an unfortunate stereotype - long hours, little to no pay, menial work and a general disregard for the intern's talents.  But it's important to note the image presented is, in fact, a stereotype. And like all stereotypes, this...

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5ives: Tricks to Cheaper Printing

When I was in college, we had a sales rep from a paper company visit our class to discuss printing. I don't think dentists see that many shades of white. In other words, my first exposure to the behind-the-scenes world of print was an intimidating one. But that was...

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5ives: Simple Ways to Promote Your New Website

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't believe in the value of a website and the importance of having an online presence. However, many of those same individuals still believe that once a website is live, that site will promote itself. With increased...

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Google Index of Twitter Feeds a Nuisance

This blog is totally off the dome, and while I'm afraid to say it, may not be the most factual. That said, I'm still not going to research all the information. "And why, Jason, won't you research information for your blog?" I'll tell you why, rhetorical question,...

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Absolute Truth: Special Holiday Edition

Whew, what a year! Those seasons really sneak up on you. It’s hard to encapsulate 2010 into a single story or message. Instead, we’ll sum up the year the only way we know how – with holiday pun headlines! O Holy, Crap!  (Why Thank You!) Absolute Marketing Group was...

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