Moorhead, MN – Take a stroll down the city streets of Barnesville, Minnesota and you’ll see a quaint piece of history with everything you’d expect of a friendly, main street small town. Now, take a scroll on your smartphone and you’ll see there’s nothing small about this forward-thinking, tech-savvy community.

On January 24, the city launched the “It’s about Barnesville” App, developed by Absolute Marketing Group, to help Barnesville advance communication with its citizens, former residents and visitors. The easy-to-use app offers up a variety of information from city news and fun community events to school and sports schedules, along with happenings in local organizations.

A few special features of the app include Rumor Watch, allowing citizens to anonymously report rumors or suspicious activity and encourage a safer community. It also integrates maps to help app users find places of interest and enjoy the city of Barnesville to its fullest.

WDAY reporter, Becky Parker, and crew headed 25 miles east to see how this town of 2,601 people have embraced technology and gone digital for all to enjoy. Take a look at the story:

Video Courtesy of WDAY TV

Being the first city in the region to have their own mobile application, the response in the community has been nothing short of sheer excitement. The “It’s about Barnesville” App is a great way for residents to stay connected and find up-to-the-minute information about events happening in their hometown. And it’s a sure sign of what is yet to come for this energetic and thriving slice of heaven. The free app is available for download at the Google Play and Mac App Stores.

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