Manually Install php on WampServer

In my last blog post, I said that I like having a development environment on my computer (running Windows 7). I use WampServer to do this. I especially like that WampServer allows you to have multiple versions of php (and MySQL and Apache) installed. You can switch...

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5ives: Home Away From Homepages

If you are reading this blog on our website, there's a very good chance you entered our website from a channel other than typing in our homepage URL. We post our blogs on our social media, tag our posts for Search Engine Optimization and send blog articles out in our...

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Get Ready for Winter Marketing in July

With the exception of these few weeks of sun, North Dakota weather sucks.  The last thing anyone in Fargo-Moorhead wants to think about is winter and the ominous gray that looms over everything from October through April. From a marketing standpoint, you absolutely...

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5ives: Marketing Plan Don’ts

Marketing plans work if and only if you stick to the plan. Weeks and months go into a plan to make sure the strategy makes sense, is financially feasible and can last for the entire year. Some items in your plan will work better than others, but everything in that...

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Marketing Plans Provide Poise and Prevent Panic

You've set your business to open in 90 days.  Your building looks great.  Your employees are eager. Your product is solid. You know the niche is there. You are poised to pounce. It's time to spend that grand opening budget you set aside. You call your local ad agency...

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5ives: A Music Marketing Mindset for Your Business

Advertising pays for art. In return, art propels the industry. Often times these artists push not only the limits of artistic expression, but also the way advertisers should think about an audience. Tangent: If you don't believe there is a symbiotic relationship...

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