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Paul Rand, renowned graphic designer and art director, once said, “The principle role of a logo is to identify, and simplicity is its means… Its effectiveness depends on distinctiveness, visibility, adaptability, memorability, universality, and timelessness.” At Absolute Studios, we strive to meet every piece of Rand’s criteria when you charge us with developing, rebuilding, or redesigning your logo and your brand. As the visual cornerstone of your company, we understand logo design is no small endeavor. Our logo and brand development process allows our team of talented graphic artists to each provide their vision of your brand. We then create a full presentation with samples of how your brand will appeal to your customer base. This allows you to see the full potential of your new logo and brand.

In a nutshell, we utilize the latest in digital layout, animation and creative design theory, our designers build your look from scratch, giving your brand its own unique identity. 


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