Original Music, Narration & Voice Overs

Absolute Studios offers a multitude of audio services that can greatly enhance the impact of your creative marketing efforts. Our Hired Gums service offers up an eclectic pool of professional voice over announcers and actors, while our John Storyk designed audio studios, and its dedicated sound engineers, are ready to compose and record original music as well as full-service post production, sound design, and mixing. If you are interested is booking a voice over session with Hired Gums, please click the link below to get an accurate estimate, review our current talents and book a session.


Original Music, Narration & Voice Overs

Spending your marketing budget without a well-thought out plan is like shooting fish in a barrel. You might reach a small segment of your audience, but most of your messages will miss the mark. From focus groups to surveys, we conduct extensive market research to ensure your brand will resonate with your audience. Thorough research is the key to spending your marketing budget in the most efficient way possible.

We use this information to develop strategic creative appeals tailored to your audience and the best mediums to reach them. We understand the best strategies need to be flexible, so we continuously monitor data and analytics to ensure our efforts are achieving your goals. Whether you need to build your brand from the ground up or strengthen and grow an already established business, we can help you develop a strategic marketing plan that lays out a clear path to achieving your objectives.

Voice Overs

Hired Gums, a full-service audio production service offered by Absolute Studios. We can provide our clients with over 35 on-call professional voice over talents to choose from. Our audio engineers are experts in directing voice over actors, all of whom are brought in to do their recording on location in one of our two John Storyk designed recording studios.  If you wish, you can co-direct the project over the phone. We’ll patch you directly into the studio so you can hear the voice artist in real time as they record your piece and allow you the opportunity to give live feedback or notes. There are no renewals or royalties which means you can use our work in any market for as long as you like. Hired Gums’ talented voice actors always deliver a terrific read, at a terrific price.  Whatever the need, whatever the length…Hired Gums has the right voice for your project.

Sound Design and Original Music

Absolute Studios’ talented audio engineers represent decades of experience in the field of sound design and can handle almost any audio challenge that comes their way. Whether it’s an in-studio session or an on-location recording, our team delivers each and every time. The audio studios are acoustically optimized and sound proofed against outside noise distractions. Our audio booths offer ideal sound-design environments for tracking, editing, mixing and mastering. You can always count on our talented and experienced engineers to take the time to polish the final mix until it’s audibly exquisite. We also have several talented musical composers and performers on staff as well as arrangements with many other artists throughout the area who are ready and willing to perform when needed. Whether all your project is missing is a catchy vocal jingle or a rockin’ instrumental track, our talented staff is up to the challenge. Our composers and sound designers represent years of experience in providing countless clients with outstanding original music beds specifically created to accentuate their marketing messages and brand image. With everything all under one roof, Absolute and its partner groups can take your campaign to the top of the charts.

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