A day off! What to do? Maybe you’ll just hang out and have a movie day. Kinda hard without a couch though. Or maybe you could look for some new furniture for your home. But it would be a good idea to know what you want before you drive all the way to the store. So why not check out some shops on your smartphone or tablet?

Okay…Let’s see what the first few hits have to offer. Click!

Hmmm….can’t see the photos.

Can’t really see anything.

Let’s scroll sideways.

And now back again.

Flip the orientation?

Still nothing.

This font is tiny!

Need to get eyes checked…

Double tap.

Attempting to zoom in closer…nope.

Not working.

Have you experienced the frustration of using an outdated website? Or maybe it’s your website that needs a renovation. The following hints will help you see if your website is in dire need of some tender loving care.

1. It’s all about curb appeal.

A site with an interesting and artistic point of view is a major key to creating intrigue. Once you have snagged the visitor’s attention, it’s easier to get them to stay and click around. An updated design full of beautiful photos is a nice way to create visual excitement. Everyone loves looking at pictures, right? How many hours do we spend on Pinterest simply repinning photos? Giving consumers something to dream about owning is what it’s all about. And the longer they look, the more willing they’ll be to dig into the site even further.

2. Tattered & Worn.

I’ve visited websites where you have to squint to even see the information on your smartphone, only to find out when you get it close enough, it’s outdated, the email address gets rejected or the phone number is disconnected. The key to getting clients to visit often is to keep content fresh, inviting and relevant. Find new topics to discuss and new ways to present the information. Create a story or make it interactive. Whatever you do, stay on top of it. Make sure the information is current and keep your customers pining for more.

3. Branding on back-order.

There are certain things to leave on the backburner, but your branding is not one of them. How does a customer differentiate your brand from another? How do you get them to choose your website over the competition’s? The only way to set yourself apart from the pack is to develop a distinctive personality around your products. Create a unique look, logo and stance so customers understand your position in the market and view your brand as a solution to their needs. Ease of identification is what will win customers over and get them to visit time and time again. Branding will give you that little extra push you need.

4. Low traffic areas.

Do you get a lot of visitors “stopping by” every day or is business pretty slow? Gauge your metrics. This will tell you a ton about your SEO ranking and ability to attract readers. If the numbers are low, you may need to start generating your own original content giving visitors a credible source of relevant and current information. Build your content around keywords that represent your business and are natural phrases used when searching. And don’t stop there, adding keywords into titles, page names and meta tags will also help increase ways for searchers to select your site above all others.

5. Don’t be a tightwad.

We live in a society that is enticed by glamour and beauty. Selecting new furniture is very similar to casting models for a fitness website. You look for nice and trim, polished bodies, right? Same thing here. Your website is a brand investment. The look and feel of your site reflects how you operate your business. And you don’t want your customers to think you cut corners. A shoddy looking, outdated website sends a message that you don’t really care about your end product, or that you’re simply forgetful. This is one thing that will definitely send your potential clients into the arms of another chair…I mean site.

Well, back to the search page.

More outdated content…Next!


Ahh! Success.

Clean layout, beautiful pictures with smart and easy navigation.

I think we know where you’ll be buying your furniture. You could probably stay put and buy it online too, unless you’re the touchy-feely kind. I understand.

As for the business owner, you may not run a retail site, but with any product you sell, you can find a smart, advanced way for the consumer to connect with you. Whether you offer an inquiry form or a staff email address for order requests, create a way for customers to buy products right where they find them. If not, they will find another mobile-friendly, useful, gorgeous website that will suit their needs very quickly.

Shopping cart full. Cha-ching! Done.

Productive days happening online…Next!