For more than 30 years, Agassiz Seed & Supply has been combining exceptional service with diverse product lines specifically suited for the Upper Midwest. Over the years, they’ve added several new product lines including baler twine, net wrap, silage/grain bags, DOT seed, erosion control products and sales and service of grain testing equipment.

“We’ve been able to withstand the ups and downs of the agriculture economy, as well as the general economy, and grow steadily during the fluctuations of both,” Agassiz Seed & Supply CEO Kim Alberty said. “Starting out with a staff of three in one location and growing to a staff of over 40 in three locations has been a journey we certainly didn’t envision in 1985.”

Agassiz Seed & Supply approached Absolute for the design of various product guides and the relationship grew to include photography and videography work. Absolute recently completed a capabilities video for Agassiz that showcases the company’s rich expertise, diverse product lines and dedication to superior customer service. The video is a tool that Agassiz can use across multiple audiences and media platforms.

“The video that Absolute produced for Agassiz represents us accurately – it took quite a bit of work from both teams to make this happen and we appreciate the effort Absolute made to make it right,” Agassiz Seed & Supply Director of Sales Jade Sherman said. “Time will tell the net effect on our sales, but at the least, it’s certainly a good promotional tool to let the market know who we are, what products we offer and the high level of service we provide to our customers.”

Absolute also assisted Agassiz Seed & Supply with slogan development, social media services and ad development and placement, which work together to help Agassiz to reinforce the company’s ability to provide their customers with quality products at a competitive price complete with service that exceeds expectations.

“The staff at Absolute forces us out of our comfort zone, and although it’s felt involuntary at times, the result of this process has produced some quality work,” Jade said. “While we’re early in the relationship with Absolute, they’re most certainly creating a consistent portrayal of Agassiz Seed & Supply through the projects they have produced for us.”

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