F5 Project is a nonprofit organization that serves former inmates by helping them transition into life after prison and deter repeat offenses. F5 was founded by former felon Adam Martin, who realized after being released from prison there is a real lack of resources and services available to former inmates to help them break the cycle of crime and start fresh. Currently serving Cass County, North Dakota, F5 assists former prisoners with ongoing communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation.

Absolute Marketing Group partnered with F5 Project to build a brand for their organization. We developed their logo (which was inspired from a sketch by a former inmate), branding elements and website, as well as helped raise awareness in the community. “The website blew me away when I first saw it,” said Martin. “It was at that moment I knew we had an amazing team that is capable of making what they say they can make. There are so many businesses out there that claim to be able to do great things, but AM is the first for F5 that went above and beyond their big goal.”

Community support for the project so far has been great and F5 has seen incredible growth. “Growing from one house to seven houses in five months is by far the most awesome accomplishment we have so far. Mainly because landlords have reached out and want to make an impact by using the F5 housing platform,” said Martin.

To learn more about F5 Project and support their mission, please visit f5project.org. If your business needs any marketing services, give us a call at 701-478-1111 and ask to speak with a Marketing Advisor, or visit absolutemg.com/contact.