Union State Bank of Fargo has been serving the community since 1973. Union prides themselves on being a local “hometown bank,” meaning they are dedicated to building deeper, more personal relationships with their customers. Despite having a small bank atmosphere, they have the capabilities to offer any and all services that you would typically find at a larger bank.

“Our biggest accomplishment would be that we are a small bank with big technology,” said Heather Kleinwachter, Marketing Coordinator/Customer Support at Union State Bank. “We were one of the first ‘Hometown Banks’ to introduce online banking with interactive services. We were also the leader in providing image statements and phone banking. We are committed to innovation which stimulated the growth in customer loyalty.”

Absolute Marketing Group and Union State Bank have been working together for over ten years. Throughout this relationship, Absolute has had the chance to utilize our full range of services to promote Union and help them find success. We recently produced a series of animated explainer videos for Union’s Bank Together campaign that address some frequently asked questions they get from their valued customers.

“The animated FAQ videos have added a special touch to our social media pages. I have not seen any other banks within the community use video technology like this before, which gives us a competitive advantage and adds to our commitment to innovation,” said Kleinwachter. “Absolute is a great company. They provide exceptional and unique services that meet our business needs. Absolute is passionate about their work and we see that every day in their business strategies. Thank you, Absolute!”

Check out the aforementioned animated FAQ video series:

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