$5 logos. $10 brochures. Do-it-yourself websites. What could possibly go wrong? (Where is the sarcasm font in Word again?) Beyond the obvious ethical issues of paying slave wages for professional services, the simple fact is that 99% of the time you’ll get what you pay for. Would you ever hire an employee that only shows up 1% of the time? How about buy a piece of equipment that runs 1% of the time? ¬†Of course not. So why would you take the cheap route and create the face of your company, your logo, for $5?

Sure, you’ll save a few bucks, but other than that, I can’t think of a single reason that $5 logos are a smart choice. However, I can give you a handful of reasons why your logo is too important to not take seriously.

  1. Logos are the most visible part of your brand. Most consumers associate a brand with the company’s logo. Obviously, a golden M or a yin and yang-like red, white and blue logo are synonymous with their respective companies to a point where I don’t even need to tell you what company they are. Does your logo leave a lasting impression – even on a local scale?
  2. Consistency between multiple communication channels. Your logo is the one thing that is consistent on everything you show the world. Packaging, websites, business cards, billboards and more. To make a lasting impression on your prospects and customers, you need to have a logo that resonates with them and makes them think of your company, even in different settings.
  3. It’s easy to create a logo that looks nice, but it’s another thing to have a logo that relates to what your company does. Your logo should draw people in on a subconscious basis. A well-designed logo that is part of an overall brand strategy will help sell your product for you. It will capture people’s attention, resonate with them and ultimately make them buy whatever you are selling.
  4. Even if you’ve never heard of favicons, I guarantee you’ve seen them. A favicon is the little image related to your company that shows up in the tab at the top of your internet browser. Favicons are typically smaller, more basic versions of a logo. No matter what page of a company’s website you’re on, the favicon stays displayed at the top. If your logo can’t get the job done as-is, how is it ever going to work when it’s a tenth of the size and doesn’t have the company name or tag line to support it?
  5. Last but not least, how can a graphic designer (even overseas) sell logos for $5? Easy, they reuse the same designs over and over. Your logo will be the same or very similar to countless other companies. So much for being original and leaving a lasting impression that is consistent with your overall brand identity!

Your logo is the most visible, identifying element of your brand. Do yourself a favor and make an investment in your company’s image that will pay for itself ten times over. It’s that important.

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