Have you ever wondered what the holiday season would be like without Frederic Austin’s 12 Days of Christmas Carol? You know, the carol that emphasizes the importance of having a partridge in a pear tree? It’s a classic, and it’s origin probably relates to a ridiculous memory game people once played for entertainment. Regardless, you probably have heard, memorized, or sang along to this joyful holiday tune at one point in your life. Because of its everlasting hype, I decided to create my own Absolute poem. It may not be as merry as a Christmas Carol, but you will learn more about Absolute’s unique marketing services and our agency as a whole.


2020 is just about here!

It’s time to let go of all your marketing fear. 

Our professional team is ready to assist 

you with your strategy and then give it a twist.


We are different than most agencies around

We offer many services including digital and sound

From website development to SEO 

To Green Cast filming that will make your audiences say “WOH!”


Show your audience you’re up to date with something unique

They’ll be attracted to you and won’t turn a cheek

We will help you reach marketing success

You could be the next brand talked about in the press


Thank you for choosing us as your marketing team

Your vision will come to life as if it was a dream

Call us today to schedule a time to meet

Meeting with you will be sweet!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Safe travels – far or near! – Allison