Once upon a midnight dreary,

A thought came to mind which made me teary. 

A yearly marketing budget flushed down the drain,

Generic and boring and overall existing within a state of plain.


Alone, I pondered what could be done,

For wasting all that money was super not fun.

No customers reached, no impressions made,

This happening again something I needed to fade.

Graphics that came straight from Microsoft Paint,

Wondering if the video work would be stellar then finding it ain’t.

Copy filled with cliches and lacking inspiration,

Where was my bold design filled with elements full of life and animation?


What happened to the copy chocked full with things creative?

Why hadn’t I chosen a full-service agency now my only contemplative.

But where could I turn? Who would be there to save me?

Absolute Marketing, of course, they’d make it easy peazy.


With a staff full of writers, designers, producers, oh my,

The limits to their work only contained by the shape of the sky.

Dedicated to each customer down to the last,

Coupled with turnaround times only describable as fast.


Yes, Absolute was the one to wake me from this bad dream,

They’re work an A+ while they made me feel like part of the team.

Taking my business to soaring new heights,

So that from now on I could sleep peacefully throughout all the nights.


This holiday season don’t get left out in the cold,

Choose creative that clicks, that captures, that stands out as bold.

No matter your needs, no matter the size,

Your wildest marketing dreams, Absolute will help you realize.