Union State Bank partnered with our team to help develop a fun and interactive campaign featuring Pearl the Piggy Bank. Pearl is a bright pink Volkswagen Beetle equipped with features that make the car look like a real piggy bank. As part of the campaign, our team produced a video spot that literally brought Pearl to life. This was a very interesting and fun spot to produce, and was a great addition to the success of the campaign.


SesVanderHave of Tienen, Belguim and one of Europes largest producer of Sugarbeet Seed recently approached Absolute Marketing Group to help them create sales and marketing materials for their USA division. Our team went right to work with a photoshoot of their product and created their graphic and photos to adapt with geographical differences in the land to create a visual system that works for many different markets throughout the United States.


Maier Farms is a 4th generation family farm located in the Red River Valley, with it’s roots dating back to 1925. In fact, their slogan is “Raising Crops and Kids Since 1925”. It’s not often we’re approached by a family farm to create a brand identity, but they understood that in the modern ag market, even a family farm needs to look professional to sell their product. Within our logo development approach, we craft three unique designs and full brand presentations. Brand presentations take each logo and put it into several applications or uses, based on what the client will typically do with the logo. This could be anything from embroidery on clothing, on the side of a grain truck or how it will be utilized on a social media platform. Once a logo is selected, it goes into finalization and we create a full logo package for client use. If you’re interested in our logo services, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.