The North Dakota Grain Growers Association has been the premier voice for the state’s grain producers for 50 years. It’s a member-driven association that is committed to serving its members with education, leadership, proactive advocacy and representation that increases profitability and value-added opportunities for producers today and for generations to come.

“One of the our biggest accomplishments for NDGGA is the increased awareness of who we are and what we are about thanks to the efforts of Absolute Marketing Group,” NDGGA Executive Director Dan Wogsland said. “Absolute has put NDGGA on the map through the use of video, advertising and social media, not only in North Dakota but across the globe.”

This past year, the NDGGA celebrated its 50th anniversary and to help commemorate the event, Absolute produced a 5-minute testimonial video, which was unveiled at the NDDGA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Bismarck. “The use of video has really broadened the awareness of the Association and has provided insights of NDGGA to a whole new generation of not only people in agriculture but people of all walks of life,” Wogsland said.

The 5-minute video features footage of numerous events NDGGA hosts, such as its annual E-Tour, and interviews with various leaders and current members. In addition, Absolute repurposed the content into a 30-second membership spot for advertising on social media, which has reached over 25,000 people to date. 

“What is so special about Absolute is when you work with them, you work with the entire Absolute team so you get the best from all aspects of their organization,” Wogsland said. “That is critically important when we’re trying to reach out to let people know who NDGGA is and what it is about.”

Take a moment to view both the testimonial and the membership video below, and if you’re interested in harnessing the power of video for your business or organization, please give us a call at 701-478-1111 and ask to speak with a Marketing Advisor, or contact us at

Testimonial Video

Membership Video