In Garrett’s article “The Advantages of Animated Video,” he discusses how the marketing landscape is changing in what many have dubbed “The Year of the Video.” If you were to take a look at some of the hard facts and figures associated with this shift, you would be hard pressed to find that title inaccurate. And it’s really no wonder as to why this is. Video is easily the most engaging form of message dissemination available to us today. That being said, it can also be one of the most expensive mediums, which can pose a challenge for businesses, particularly those of the medium and small variety who fear being left behind their larger competitors. For those of us caught in this conundrum, Garrett offers animated explainer videos as the solution. Here are five reasons for why animated video is good for your business and your pocketbook.

  1. Better on Budget – When you take the costs associated with creating a high quality live-action video and compare it to the costs of creating an animated explainer video, the costs of the latter should be considerably less. With animated videos, you have four categories of production: scriptwriting, editing, music and voiceover (this last one can even be optional if you decide to put the text in the video). With live-action video, you have many more categories of production: scriptwriting, editing, music, voiceover, hiring talent, scouting locations, acquiring the correct equipment, etc. As Garrett mentions, you can essentially cut right to the editing process with animated video. You’ll still need an experienced animator and voice actor, but your overall costs will probably be less than a live-action production.

  2. No Creative Constraints – If you can think it, you can animate it. This is not always the case when it comes to live-action videos. Want to take your consumers on an exploration of outer space? No problem. Want to journey to the depths of the ocean? Sure thing. Want to showcase the innermost workings of your latest technology advancements? Of course. Animation really knows no bounds, and it appeals to just about anyone.

  3. Create Consistent Content – To combat that fear of falling behind, businesses are continuously needing to produce new content in this digital age to keep themselves positioned as a thought-leader in their industry. As Garrett mentioned, having at least one video on your website is a good starting point, but that’s beginning to become more and more common. This means you may want to consider adding more video to your website and social platforms, and animated videos can help keep costs down and content fresh, which leads me to my next point.

  4. Easy Editing & Flexibility – Animated videos are a great way to continuously update your content because they are easy to edit. This is in contrast to live-action videos that require the same actors, set-ups and props to recreate, which can be a rather time consuming and tedious process. In addition, animated videos can be made from the information your business should already be producing – such as newsletters or blog posts – if you’re ever feeling short on new content for video.

  5. Engagement – This was a common theme throughout Garrett’s entire article. The one point he made that spoke to engagement the most was the positive connotations animated videos can invoke in consumers. This goes back to our predisposition to associate animation with cartoons from our childhood, which takes us back to a simpler time. In this way, often times the products and services explained in an animated video seem simpler as well and makes the consumer want to seek out more information.

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