So here’s the deal.

By now many are aware of a story that happened in Fargo, ND this week.  The Just Born candy company, the one that makes Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales, said if the company met its sales goals in 2010 it would have its annual convention in Hawaii. If the company didn’t make its goals, it would be “punished” by hosting its convention in Fargo.  You can read the full story here.

Two can play that game.

If Absolute makes its 2011 sales goals, we’ll host our annual outing in Fargo and take in all that this town has to offer.  Who knows, we might have a spa day and put the man back in manicure. If we fail to reach our goals, we’ll go  where Just Born candy company’s headquarters are located – the illustrious Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  (a town about half the size of Fargo,  just sayin’).

Are we bitter? Sure.  But then again,  a slap in the face stings a little more when its cold.

Fargo-Moorhead has harsh weather but a great climate for business.  We know, we’ve helped over 400 companies in our backyard. Our aim is to make this bitter sweet and push ourselves to enjoy this community we’re helping grow everyday.

So Just Born candy company,  if you hear from us next year,  let’s do lunch and swap hometown stories.  If you don’t hear from us, well, we’re enjoying the cold weather but warm community we love.