The Problem

Finding New Members for a New Company
As development in southwest Fargo began to take off, Sanford Health and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties each began exploring the idea of building a wellness center to serve individuals in this growing community. It quickly became apparent that both organizations shared the same goal. Sanford Health and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties joined forces to create a fitness and wellness center unlike any in the region. As construction on the 80,000 square foot Family Wellness facility neared completion, the corporate partners faced one major challenge – developing a membership base from scratch. Enter Absolute Marketing Group.

Our Solution

Absolute created a variety of television, radio and online ads to promote the facility’s amenities and spread the message that Family Wellness is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring healthy lifestyles by connecting people in a fun environment. Using a mix of traditional and digital media, Absolute developed a strategic placement plan to maximize reach among Family Wellness’s target audience. Family Wellness also utilized Absolute’s Connect by Email program to build its mailing list and keep new and potential members informed about upcoming events, new services and facility improvements.

A New Focus on Education

As a result of Absolute’s campaign, Family Wellness reached its three-year membership goal in just six months. Having achieved that goal, Family Wellness shifted its focus from recruiting new members to educating existing members. Absolute designed and built a new website to serve as a comprehensive resource for Fargo’s premier fitness and wellness center. To make the site’s content more engaging, Absolute produced a series of videos to highlight the wide range of services the facility offers including group fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, child care services and summer youth activities.