Production Manager

Why Absolute Studios?

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Why We Value This Position

Our production managers are greatly valued as they are responsible for ensuring that our creative deliverables are completed on deadline and within budget. These workflow masters help our client partners be in position for success.


The production manager is responsible for scheduling, production and on-time delivery of all agency creative production deliverables. This is accomplished through collaboration with art directors, graphic designers, writers, videographers, editors and animators. It is also accomplished by interfacing with a variety of outside vendors who supply work to the agency on a freelance or contract basis. The production manager prices all agency services, calculates in-house charges and requests estimates from outside sources. This information is then incorporated in cost estimates and delivered to our client partners. The production manager is responsible for obtaining the best price and delivery possible for all agency projects. After acceptance of pricing, the production manager issues purchase orders to the outside resources to complete the work and assures that when bills are received by the agency, prices are as quoted.

Key Responsibilities

  • Generates digital and/or hard copy project tracking files, entering information, assigning project numbers, issuing project instruction sheets and opening job workflow files as needed.
  • Conducts daily production meetings with all personnel.
  • Prepares estimates based on briefings from Client Success Manager (CSM), CCO, CTO and meetings with production team members.
  • Ideally, obtains three competitive quotes on every outside buy from a range of quality vendors.
  • Issues purchase orders for all outside buys.
  • Enters purchase order and invoice information in project management software.
  • Supervises work performed by suppliers (freelance artists, copywriters, printers, photographers, etc.).
  • Ensures all artwork is proofread, both before submission to the client, and prior to use or publication.
  • Verifies that all material is properly signed off/approved by CSM and client.
  • Coordinates with the Media Director to ensure publication and digital ad placement deadlines are met.
  • Follow up with suppliers to be sure they will meet promised delivery dates.
  • Supervises deliveries, coordinates delivery schedules and authorizes vendor deliveries as needed.
  • Reviews invoices and settles billing discrepancies with suppliers; obtains approvals from CSMs.
  • Reviews job billings with CSMs and makes revisions.
  • Closes jobs on current project management software when projects are completed; notifies accounting that job is ready to bill, then posts job to billing and removes it from production schedule.
  • Works directly with the CCO to ensure the highest quality results on every job.
  • Maintains cordial contact with all suppliers and vendors.
  • Maintains reference files for suppliers of various products, services, and talents categorized by quality, price and turnaround.
  • Maintains current software/computer skills related to daily job functions.
  • Contacts and maintains talent lists while negotiating with talent agencies rates, along with maintaining and growing our current freelance actors and voice-over artists.
  • Scouts and makes contact with potential location owners to secure shooting locations.
  • Research and attain prop assets for shoots based on the concept need and budgets.
  • Other duties based on the daily operating needs of the company.


  • Must be proficient in Google Drive
  • Prefer agency experience
  • Two years experience as a content producer, marketing coordinator
  • Positive attitude, ability to keep up with fast-paced business environment

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