Logo Questionnaire

Looks like you are ready to take the plunge and congratulations on your quest for a new brand identity. Our goal at Absolute Studios, is to create a brand that is unique to you and professional to your target market. Mostly, we want to create a logo that works for you. It needs to convey the personality of your brand, it needs to work on mutliple platforms and medias, it needs to create an impression on your potential clients even when your are not physically there to represent your brand.

Our process for development of a new logo goes as followed: 

  • Completed the form below
  • Introduction meeting or conference call with all key decision makers – Where we explore and discuss your needs and wishes for the new logo. 
  • Design team meeting – This is an internal meeting with the Chief Creative Officer, Art Director and Design Team. Where we discuss the results of the intro meeting. 
  • Design – Each designer then works independently on a concept of the new logo. This process involves the development of 3 unique designs for your new logo. 
  • Presentation Development – Upon approval of the Chief Creative Officer the logo then gets put to use and testing on various applications. For example, we’ll see how it looks on a jacket, hat, trucks or whatever you deem desired use for the logo. We then create a video presentation of the logo. 
  • Presentation of Concepts – This can be done in person or via conference call. The video presentation can be shown to all decision makers for review and vote. 
  • Discussion/Edit Suggestions – Upon review of the three concepts, two rounds of edits are allowed on the favored design. 
  • Approval and Finalization – Once we have approval on the design, a full logo package is created and submitted to you. Once completed, we’ll provide you a full logo package, complete with working files and all the formats you’ll need for your new brand.
  • As you would like it to appear on your logo, please indicate if you require a TM, SM, Registered Trademarks, Inc. or LLCs on your logo
  • What is your main purpose, services or products of your business/organization?
  • Fun, creative, all business, authoritative etc.
  • Are there words that are more important than others. How would you answer the phone? Would it be an abbreviated version of your full organization name?
  • Signage, hats, fleet vehicles, website etc.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • These can be completely outside your industry, just logos that appeal to you personally.













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