Pre-Pro-Post: A Guide to the Video Production Process

by Dec 28, 2020

Video Production Steps

The Video Production process includes three main steps: Pre-production, production and post-production. Each step is a vital aspect to creating a high quality video. 



The first phase of the video production process focuses on all aspects of preparation. This is where all the planning is done: budgeting, strategizing, researching, organizing, etc. You plan your production timeline and set out on a mission to make it happen. First, you find your concept. What’s the message you want to get across? After you’ve determined your message, you decide the best way to deliver it. You write a script, set the scene by choosing camera angles, wardrobe and background. Locations are scouted, equipment is procured and you set the time and day for the shoot.


Essentials for the Pre-Production step:

  • Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Timeline Development
  • Shoot Location(s)
  • Determining Needed Equipment



The production phase of the video production process is where the fun happens. This is where you actually shoot your footage and put all the hard work from the pre-production step into action. There are a lot of details that get fulfilled during this phase. You want to make certain that you acquire all of the necessary footage to ensure your video demonstrates the key message you are trying to get across to your target audience. This step also involves equipment setup and testing: lighting, sound and video equipment. 


Essentials for the Production step:

  • Setup of Equipment
  • Recording Voice Overs
  • Capturing B-roll Footage
  • Conducting Interviews



Post-production is where the magic happens. The editors pull all the footage together, add music or other sound effects and edit it to perfection. Voiceovers and interviews will be transcribed and the final touches will be placed. Then it’s time for reviews, more edits, and finally, approval. And voila – you’ve made the perfect video.


Essentials of the Post-Production step:

  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Creating Narrative for Final Story 
  • Video Editing 
  • Selecting/Mixing Music Bed and Sound Effects
  • Reviews/Approval
  • Final Delivery

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