Hello, everyone! Welcome to my very first blog post. My name is Grace and I will be your Director of First Impressions for the duration of your time with Absolute Marketing Group. 

First impressions are everything, and you only get seven seconds to make one. Those seemingly quick and insignificant moments can make or break any relationship. So, from one director of first impressions to another, here are a few tips to make yours great:


I hate to say it, but the way you look does matter… at least when it comes to a first impression. Our look is something we can each individualize and use to portray our personality, and you don’t want to give off the impression that you are messy and unprepared. If you put effort in to yourself, it’ll convey that you put effort into others.

Body Language

Nonverbal communication is often what sets the tone for an entire interaction, so make it positive by smiling, practicing good posture and engaging in eye contact (it also doesn’t hurt to add a few head-nods in there too). Your body language should convey that you are comfortable and confident. Body language might not make a sound, but it does say a lot. 

Firm Handshake

A firm handshake is a vital aspect of every first impression and almost every other encounter. It shows that you respect the person you are meeting and presents a level of professionalism. Now obviously you don’t want to squeeze their hand with Hulk-like strength, but a “firm grasp” will convey confidence and demand respect.

Be Yourself

While you’re impressing them with your appearance, body language and handshake, charm them with a touch of your personality. Most of a first impression is spent conforming to the other person’s style, but it is also important to include your true self in there, too. It will help you build confidence and strengthen the relationship. 

So, cheers to your first. I hope you enjoyed my blog post, and that I made a good first impression – those are really important, you know.