By Emma Garton: Client Relations Intern

This month, Emily Karkoska, our Marketing Project Manager, covered the uses and goals of long-form video as an option for your marketing strategy. If you want to humanize your company and really connect with your audience, long-form video may be the right choice for you. Here are five aspects to consider when deciding to use long-form video.

  1. Long-Form vs. Short-Form: Short-form video is 10 minutes or less, and long-form is anything longer than that. How do you choose what length of time will be best-suited to your needs? Sure, consumers have short attention spans, but longer video can perform better. Both have value, but long-form video offers a stronger emphasis on entertainment and has some of the strongest storytelling horsepower available with the potential for series, cliffhangers, showcasing culture and more.
  2. Type of Testimonial: When determining the angle of your long-form video, you need to consider the purpose of the video. Ask yourself, “What do I want the audience to know once they’ve watched this?” Your answer to that will determine whether or not testimonials are a good tool for your production. If yes, you can pick and choose which style will be most beneficial, which Emily outlined in more detail in her article.
  3. Target Audience: You also need to know who you’re hoping will watch the long-form video. If you know this, you’ll be able to discern what sort of information they will respond to the best so it’s worth their time. Knowing what your audience needs to hear and see will determine the tone and tools used to create the script and its visuals.
  4. Media Placement: Knowing where to put your video is just as important as creating the video itself. If it’s not strategically placed, no one sees your content or hears your message. There’s plenty of options out there for where to place your video, so how do you decide where to put it? Consider these tactics:
    1. Hosting platform: Choose a platform that allows you to monitor and evaluate your metrics such as reach, view count and engagement.
    2. Audio transcriptions: Providing a transcription of the voiceover gives search bots important key terms to use to give your video a boost on the web.
    3. Web page placement: In addition to a transcription, accompany your video with an engaging thumbnail, a call to action and an interesting caption.
  5. Monitor Your Metrics: Paying attention to the metrics noted above, as well as social sharing, is vital to the success of your message. There’s no doubt you’ll see a direct correlation between engagement and the number of follow throughs on your call to action. Take note of what’s working based on these insights, and don’t be shy to make adaptations as necessary.

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