Every day after work – and sometimes on lunch – I surf. Eyes burning, thumbs throbbing, slowly I get sucked into the Facebook vortex. Addicting, that Facebook is. What could be more fun than tooling around, clicking on a long-lost friend’s photos, grabbing that hot deal or entering a fun contest?

With the recent news of Facebook going public, creating new improvements to their Page Management options and superseding ten of the biggest companies in our nation’s history in revenue, as a business owner you cannot ignore that Facebook is here to stay.

Advertising online may seem daunting at first, but with a few simple tips, it can be a very powerful business tool allowing you to create traffic and build a better brand. For companies, Facebook Business Pages are an extremely reasonable way to get free advertising and brand your image online. Take it one step further and develop targeted Facebook Ads, and you have a captive audience searching for products and services just like yours.

So how do you turn Facebook into marketing gold? Here are five suggestions for taking your advertising to the next level:

1. Inspiring the Click

You already got them to ‘like’ you, now the rest is the test.

When it comes to Facebook, exposure is the key. You may not get the click the first or fifth time the viewer sees your ad, but if you are utilizing the targeting features of the Facebook Ad Manager, you will be exposing the correct consumer to your brand. And brand recognition is the name of the game. Half the battle is won, now you just need to monitor your campaign and adjust as needed.

2. Keep it Simple

Advertising should create a call to action, which basically spells out what the consumer should do. ‘Click here to learn more.’ ‘Read on to find out how.’ These phrases seem simple, but they are the bread and butter that makes the click possible. Now, it’s easy to write a simple ad, but it’s even better to write a targeted, upbeat ad with a nice graphic and strong brand message to drive it home.

With Facebook, simple and easy is best. Since there is a 25-character limit on headlines and 90 characters per ad, it can be a feat to get your message across. Think of it as a test of your skills. This type of advertising forces you to decide what is really necessary. Clear, concise messaging is always the answer. Format:  Short headline, main point including company name, call to action. Done. Simple.

3. Coupon Links are a No-No

Creating ads that are targeted, yet engaging will get you results. However, simply linking the ad to a coupon page and hoping that the consumer will use it, or visit your website at a later date, is not a wise approach. Doing so, will allow the user to do as little as possible, and reduce them to as few clicks as possible.

What you should do is create a call to action link that pushes the viewer to your website, where you are in control of the messaging and functionality. Leading them to your website that hosts more specific information about the promotion will be more beneficial to you in the long run. You will have a greater chance of getting these leads to fill out the contact form or purchase your products right there where you want them.

4. Super Powers Not Required

I would not consider myself a computer wizard, but I am a research hound. When Facebook first came out, I will admit I was skeptical about its longevity. That is until I wanted to sell something without spending a lot of money right away. Naturally, Facebook seemed the most reasonable, targeted medium to help sell my product and my craft.

We really are busy people; however, Facebook advertising is actually very quick and easy to use. Start out by reviewing the Facebook step-by-step guides, before creating any advertising. They also have regularly scheduled webinars, where you can pose real-time questions and learn in-depth marketing tips from their expert panel.

Go ahead and ‘like’ all their Pages so you can be in the loop with their updates. Their motto is “to educate and inspire marketers on how to make their business successful using Facebook.” Take advantage here: https://www.facebook.com/marketing

5. Change is Good

Now that you’ve learned some new tricks, you are ready to set up your campaign. You will need to monitor it daily and tweak it as needed. If you notice that you’re not getting many responses, adjust the copy or offer. Create a stronger call to action. Letting the ad stagnate is the worst you can do. Make sure that you also have a designated team member to monitor the campaign progress, and that you are actively managing your Facebook Business Page to match any specials that you are offering.

At Absolute, we continue to educate ourselves on the latest in Facebook Marketing via their Marketing Solutions pages, and employ a Facebook guru in our Media Buyer, Grant Christian. Call us and we will help you find solutions for all your Facebook advertising needs.