OK, I’m not going to lie to you, I probably couldn’t think of 101 ways to improve anyones web site, although I’ve seen a couple that might be close. One day I was sitting at our office at Bridgeview Plaza, just thinking about all the sites and clients that we’ve worked with over the past year. Most of our clients are really quite “Into” their site. They call often making changes, talk about adding things to their site and overall are very interested in how their site can help them grow their business. Hey, this is great for a web development company in Fargo-Moorhead, actually having clients embrace the online world. I might add they do reap the benefits for being proactive. Then, there’s the other ones, these are the sites we’ve developed and really never hear anything back from them. It’s not that they weren’t happy with their web site, we designed the web site, developed and launched the web site. To them, the site is complete and should not require any further edits.

Now, this really gets me thinking, can a web site ever be truly complete? Does Bob from accounting always have the same office or does he move, does he quit, does he take a new position? Why is Bob still on the website, he hasn’t worked here for 6 months. That’s just one sample why I believe a web site can truly never be complete. Which brings me to my exaggerated example of 101 ways to improve your website. There’s always something that can be added, subtracted, moved around, more content, more features, search engine optimized, you name it. A website should never be considered complete, only consider levels of completeness or phases. Once you complete one phase you should always be prepared to implement phase two. Sometimes it’s tough to tell a client, (that you’ve just launched their site) that their site already needs improvement and changes, but to compete in the world of today, it’s necessary. A website is the face of your company, keep it fresh, keep it clean and keep it growing, just like you want your company to be.

Call your web development company often, people like us always keep up on the latest and greatest technology and techniques. You’d be surprised at what we could do with your site.