Video Editor

Why Absolute Studios?

We’re a full-service agency dedicated to helping businesses build their brands with personality. It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it, where you say it and to whom you say it. We strive to inject our work with Creative that Clicks®, not just for the sake of being creative, but to communicate messages in a way audiences won’t forget. If you’re looking to join a team of strategic thinkers with the tools to tell consistent, cohesive campaigns across all platforms, please read on.

What is the Role of a Video Editor? 

A video editor uses digital software to organize video and sound files into a final product. A video editor is required to possess both technical and creative abilities to be able to effectively create the vision clients have in mind. Individuals in this position usually have experience working with creative software and have a keen eye for creative digital design.

A bachelor’s degree in film production or related field, or equivalent experience is required. Additionally, the ability to work within several software programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, AfterEffects, and various color management tools) is required in relation to the position. Proficiency with both PC and Macintosh platforms is desired. Candidates must have the ability to effectively communicate with a team and understand the goals of every project enables a video editor to bring their concepts to life and is essential to produce agency quality work. Individuals who are passionate about digital media and creative content development tend to excel in this position.

This position will also require the video editor to assist with video production in relation to the shooting, lighting, and sound recording/capture. Applicants with the knowledge or previous experience with all aspects of video production are preferred, but not required.

Responsibilities for Video Editor

●  Meet with clients to establish the desired feel and look for the video to be created

●  Gather and transfer all forms of media into editing software and ensure each was updated in the correct format

●  Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects

●  Establish a clear understanding of the storyline and purpose of the video’s creation

●  Improve video and sound quality using various video software

●  Edit video to include preselected music, interviews, sound clips, and other important aspects of the project

●  Ensure the correct formatting and presentation for finalized videos according to the client’s specifications

Qualifications for Video Editor

●  Bachelor’s degree in film editing or a related degree is required

●  Professional mastery of video and audio editing software and programs

●  Ability to multitask and work toward several milestones on various projects simultaneously

●  Creative experience in filmmaking and videography

●  Ability to understand the desired outcome of a project when meeting with clients and the ability to bring them to life

●  Experience editing various video projects and inserting sound effects, music, and transitions

●  Excellent communication skills are required to have a solid understanding of project scope and implementation

●  Ability to collaborate well with other creative professionals to supply clients with top-notch finalized products



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