Focus Groups

Absolute Studios’ marketing team is ready, willing and well prepared to engineer and execute targeted, purposeful marketing research utilizing focus groups. Often, a focus group can be the best way to get the public’s or a targeted customer base’s most accurate and in-depth attitudes, beliefs and feelings about your company’s brand image, products or services so that you can make the needed adjustments to satisfy both their expectations as well as your marketing goals. Our team is trained and experienced in developing a focus group plan with specifically defined objectives. We’re well versed in the proper methodology to build an effective focus group session. Whether that means selecting the right demographics and number of participants, to assigning the best moderator for the group, complete with the ideal set of questions to elicit responses that will accurately reflect the perspectives and feelings of your potential customers. In a marketing world that’s sometimes obsessed with digital analytical measurements, looking your potential consumer base straight in the eyes and personally gauging their reactions can be one of the most effective research tools at any brands’s disposal.


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