Save Your Five Dollars

Maybe you’ve seen it on your Facebook feed. Maybe you’ve seen it in a banner while “googling.” By this time, most of us are familiar with the wonder of the “five dollar logo.”There are certain websites that make the claim to give a professional logo for five dollars....

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The 5ives: Five Levels of Strategy

What do you think of when you hear the word “Strategy”? Do you think about your business, and how you will make it better? Do you think of your bank account, and how you will get through retirement? Do you think of a football coach, a military general or a chess...

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Don’t Just Say You’re Strategic, Be Strategic

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily work, the very work that needs to get done to pay the bills and keep the boss happy. Everyone has been there at some point or another - bogged down, behind on emails and focusing so much on the work...

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The 5ives: What Do You Think of My Website?

As you would expect from someone with “Advisor” in their title, I’m occasionally asked for my advice on business and marketing plans. While sometimes I get to go full Don Draper and lay out my thoughts in presentation to a client (except with PowerPoint and without...

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Absolute 2014 Summer Client Relations Interns

Absolute Marketing Group is excited to announce our 2014 Summer Client Relations Interns - McCall Goehner, Erica Kale and Jake Schaffer. Geohner, a Jamestown ND native, is currently majoring in Business Management at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She LOVES...

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